Eternally_Broke's Ban Appeal  


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27/07/2019 7:25 am  

First of all I am very sorry for what I have done, I stole items continuously even if I thought I could take them, and couldn't that is still no excuse. I have not disrespected staff last season or anything before this season, I love Solar Craft very much and I was so happy when I heard I was going to be unbanned this season. I mainly apologize to the (MOD) - Agent_Noelle and the (ADMIN) - Mel I was excessively rude to Mel and kept going on about her being an "abusive staff member", truth be told I was just upset but once again that is no excuse. And to Agent_Noelle you have been a true friend to me, but friend or not that is no way to treat your friends I didn't mean any harm to come to you or effect you in any way shape or form. I hope you will take into consideration that I am very sorry, and very much so want another chance.

-sincerely: Eternally_Broke

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29/07/2019 12:26 am  

Hello Eternally,

We’ve decided to lift your ban appeal. However, this will be the last time and the next ban will be permanent without redemption.



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