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29/01/2020 10:09 pm  

This is an example application, yours does not have to follow exactly as mine does. 

IGN: LordNoah

Age: 18

Discord Username: NoahS18#5949

The position you are applying for: Moderator

Hours Played: 50

Previous Experience: I have had experience in the following positions: Administrator, Moderator, Developer, Co-Owner. 

What makes you stand out as a player?: I believe what makes me stand out as a player is a connection I build between the other community members. I view everyone in the community as a friend, and will make sure they are always included in what I am doing on the server. I am very loyal and have been on this server since it opened. My reasoning for being on this server is not for staff, but because I truly love the community and the server. 

What can you do to improve the server?: I believe I can be a huge impact on the future growth of Solarcraft. With my previous experience, I have seen how a server should be run. What I think I can bring to the server that will push it to the next level is a deeper connection with social media and the community. Along with that, I can help monitor the server to make sure it is a friendly and safe community. 

Any last comments: Ontop of all that I mentioned in my application above, I do have a lot of skills in server development. 

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