Solarcraft Planets

Explore the various planets here on Solarcraft, each with their own unique features. 

   Planet Earth

Enjoy your Minecraft gameplay on a custom generated terrain.

   Planet Ovadell

Explore the vast terrains of Planet Ovadell. With similar living conditions to Planet Earth, you will find no trouble living on this beautiful planet. 

   Planet Genus

Enter into the freezing cold Planet Genus. With it’s freezing cold nature, humans have found it difficult to settle here. Don’t forget your coat!

  Planet Miurus

Enter into a dried out planet with nothing but desert. Don’t expect to find any water here. With no atmosphere and low gravity, it’s best you come prepared with oxygen and a spacesuit. Many who have come to this planet never return, it’s said that alien creatures have turned the lost astronauts against humans. Watch out for the custom mobs you may find here. 

  Planet Endonia

Be careful before you head into this blazing fire planet. With lava lakes and deadly monsters, survival here is not guaranteed. With the blazing terrain on this planet, it is not very habitable however you can find very useful resources here. 


  Planet Meruta

Most who enter this planet have died, it’s best to come prepared. Make sure to bring oxygen and a spacesuit as there is no oxygen on this deserted planet. There are rumors about dead astronauts that walk the planet along with a deadly dragon. Be careful before you enter Planet Meruta, you may just add to the pile of deaths.