Space is a new gamemode which allows you to explore the universe. Multiple multiblock structures, custom items and mobs allow you to blast off into new dimensions. Inspired by galacticraft, you can either orbit the planet on your own space stations or land on an alien planet completely.


  • Opens the Space GUI to list recipes, help, players currently online in space and enable the space texture pack easily.
/Space rules​
  • Lists the rules for space, definable in the config.yml. Supports color codes.
/Space guide​
  • Shows you all of the recipes within space
/Space info (player)​
  • Lists the modules a player owns (Purchased from the modular workbench)
  • Lists the people currently in space and orbit. Clicking the resulting message will teleport you to the player if you have the permissions to run “/tp (Player)” – This will automatically use your servers teleport system
  • On first use, creates a space station for the cost defined in the prices.yml file. (By default $5,000,0000).
  • On every other use, will teleport you to your space station completely free.

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